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Project Background:

Tianjin High-tech Zone is the third Special Economic Zone following Shenzhen, Pudong. The Chinese authority put forward to "promote the development of Tianjin Binhai New Area” in the State "11th Five-Year" plan and Binhai New Area will play an important role in development of Tianjin.

As Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park’s expansion area, the coastal high-tech zone will highlighted the development of high-end, front-end and a new generation of high-tech to strengthen the ability of independent innovation as the core R & D resources in accordance with national "four-in-one" request. The high-tech zone will be built into a base for the gathering of high-tech research and development institutions and high-quality talents.

Construction goals for Binhai High-tech Zone:

Becoming the pilot of Binhai New Area development, and a world-class high-tech zone.

Highly open economy District, and the comprehensive reform pilot area

Stood in the forefront of the creation of a new system of regional culture and mode

World-class, highly efficient public service platform

Site functions:

Under the unique positioning and request of Binhai High-tech Zone, we have to promote corporate innovation and open the door to welcome the investment by means of Internet. Site is positioned to meet the needs of the collection of information, investment, enterprise services. Assigned to take into account the needs of foreign-funded enterprises, the site will have both the Chinese version and the English version.


Presentation of information primarily through video, photographs and other means will be vividly displayed to the browser about the company's overall outlook, in order to build up a good corporate image and impression, and create a strong sense of trust so as to stimulate investment interest.

Attracting Investment:

Attracting Investment is the most important part of the contents of the website and the viewer of this information is likely to become our future customers. Our objective is to attract investors by the investment information in the website. Content of sub-columns of Investment columns are: information of bid and tender, investment advantages, policies and regulations, investment guidelines, investment processes, investment enterprises.

Through search engine optimization technology, the established website will always has a good ranking in the search results in order to be easily found by Internet users. So they can learn the investment environment through the site and to reach their investment decisions.


Illustrating vividly the company's regional functionality and guiding the investors learn the land-use planning and the information about the industrial bases.

Improve service quality:

High quality services are an important part of the work in attracting investment.

We can take the advantages of the convenient online services to reduce communication costs, improve efficiency and establish a good image of the service so as to assure the investors.

Relevant technical characteristics:

The structure of the Website is the combination of struts + spring + hibernate to realize its functions. Acegi framework was used in terms of database security concern. Linux operating system will guarantee its sound operations of the system.

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