File Management System

Park personnel management system, including a unified files database, complete course of automatic management on file costs and perfect other personnel agency business processes to increase business intelligence functions (data mining function), to provide data analysis reporting and query function for enterprises. Building personnel files management that would become Tianjin's innovative model and software systems to facilitate to broaden the park's talent pool and talent sources.

The project solves the problem of standardization of files data and inefficiency caused by tedious process. Inadequate information sharing leads to inadequate support to services staff job inefficiency, false electronic information and repeated data.

Park personnel management system has become not only a park personnel information service centre of the principal vector, but also the centers of the region to provide modern personnel services for enterprise and talents. It is an important guarantee for human resources services satisfaction and performance in the field in China. It is the indicator for government oversight, monitoring the service personnel and policy decision-making reference.

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